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Winter 2015

Jaga Offers Powerful, Quiet Heating for Mill Woods Library

Clima Canal used to heat and cool a unique library and community centre in Edmonton

The newly renovated Mill Woods Library, Seniors and Multicultural Centre in Edmonton, Canada doubles the original library space and includes a social and recreational space for seniors and multicultural community groups. It aims to provide the community of Mill Woods with space to learn and connect as part of the city’s overarching goal to build a more livable, vibrant city.

With the need for quiet, comfortable spaces in mind, the developers wanted a heating system that could handle a high heating capacity at low water temperatures while performing with minimum noise. The developers also needed a solution that would not block outdoor views from the library’s various rooms, including reading rooms, a community room, quiet study rooms and the children’s reading area.

A Complete Solution

To meet the needs of the Mill Woods Library, developers installed 200 of Jaga’s Clima Canal radiators throughout the new building. The Clima Canal’s built-in profile allows the units to fit perfectly into the raised floor so windows are never blocked by mechanical equipment. With the help of a condensing boiler and in-floor placement, the units eliminate any potential drafts from the windows. Furthermore, fans operating on brushless EC motors allow the units to consume less than one-tenth the electrical power of conventional motors, while still offering maximum output.

Since the units operate at low-water temperatures, they are able to react quickly to temperature changes, enabling patrons and visitors to stay warm regardless of how cold it may be outside.

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