Clima-canal-13, 19


Like the Clima-canal-10 but MORE POWER!

These floor mounted trench fan coils are proving to be incredibly popular due to their compact size, flexible installation within or on top of a floor and high output.

With the Clima-canal-19, in a 110" long trench, we can achieve 18MBH of cooling with 43F entering chilled water.

Option for 2 or 4 pipe units with the Clima-canal-13 and 19.

Supremely efficient due to the 24VDC tangential fans. The largest Clima-canal-19 draws a max of 54W of 24VDC power. Talk about saving fan energy! That is 0.08W per CFM!

Nominal air flow (CFM of the Clima-canal-19):

Clima-canal-19 L41.3" = 207CFM

Clima-canal-19 L47.2" = 236CFM

Clima-canal-19 L78.7" = 443CFM

Clima-canal-19 L110.2" = 649CFM

Download Clima-canal-19 selection tool here.

The following options are possible with this product:
  • JDPC on/off control
  • Power supply 24VDC / 24VAC
The following grilles are possible with this product:
No CAD available for this product
No specifications available for this product.

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