There are several reasons why Low-H2O is so much better, not only for your wallet, also for the environment:
• Since Low-H2O elements are designed to work on Low- water temperatures they allow your condensing boiler to work always in condensing mode. Heatpumps and solar panels can be installed with Low-H2O radiators without a problem.
• Due to the Low- mass, Low-H20 elements have an extreme fast reaction time. There is no heat storage in the radiator they heat up and cool down much faster. This allows you to benefit maximally from free energy sources (such as sunshine) and to heat up the room only when necessary. It’s no use to keep your temperature at 70°F while you are a sleep or at work, this affects your money and our environment.
• The ratio between energy storage and output for a Low-H2O element is approximately 0.04 . For a panel radiator with identical output this is approximately 0.40. This means that it takes +/- 10 times longer before a panel radiator stops with emitting heat. In the old days this was not a problem since the insulation of the houses was so poor that we needed heating 24hours a day. With modern houses the insulation is so good that we can reduce energy consumption with a fast reacting system on Low- water temperatures.

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