Scientific research has showed that the best position for a heating appliance is in front of the places with the highest energy losses. Therefore the heating appliance should be installed in front of the windows, especially when you have windows that cover the complete fa├žade. Radiators in front of these big windows are not only blocking the view but they also increase the energy losses since radiation goes directly through the glass. The thermographic pictures clearly indicate that radiators in front of the windows are heating up the glass, emitting heat to outside. Jaga has developed special Low-H2O window solutions that can be integrated into the floor (Mini Canal) or on the floor (Mini freestanding). These units are not only architectural pleasing, they also turn the cold draft from the window into a curtain of warm air to compensate the heat losses. Since these units are based on convection, there is no radiation directly through outside so all the produced warmth is maximal used. The infrared pictures indicate clearly that the Low-H2O units are not visible with a termographical camera.

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