Radiant floor heating is a high mass system and therefore the inertia is very high. It’s not easy to set back the room temperature during the night and while you’re at work not even to mention to benefit from free energy such as sunshine through the windows. Every minute that you heat your house at night or while you’re not home, is a minute of energy wasted. Therefore it’s ideal to combine radiant floor heating with a fast reacting system such as Low-H20. This allows you to set the radiant floor system at 64 °F for basic comfort. The Low-H2O can be installed to get the room at the desired temperature of 68°F – 70°F, allowing you to set back the temperature at night or while you are away from home. When the sunshine comes into the room, the thermostat will close the water flow to the Low-H2O element. Since there is close to no heat stored in the element, it will stop emitting heat immediately, preventing a temperature overshoot without opening a window. The Low-H2O elements can work on the same water temperatures as radiant floor heating!

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